webshop examples

We have chosen a couple of examples for you, so you can see what the good Brandshop solution looks like - regardless of the size of your salon. Our solutions can include a website for your salon as well, or you can keep your current site without issue.



'Obitsø Frisørsalon' have salons in Viborg, Skave og Borbjerg. 

With their new Brandshop solution, Obitsø can sell products online to their customers. They have kept their own website and link from that one to their new webshop.
Employees: +10 

You will find TanjaK in Randers. 

With their new Brandshop solution,  TanjaK has a tailermade website including a webshop

Employees: 5

Tanja K

 website + WEBSHOP 


 Website + WEBSHOP 

Salon Smart is the local hairdresser in  i Ry

With their new Brandshop solution,  Salon Smart has gotten a tailor made website with additional webshop

Employees: Only owner

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