I am having a hard time figuring out if I can afford a webshop?

If you are having a hard time figuring out the economic aspect, please contact either Jakob or Nichlas from the sales department in Brandshop. They can help you with the numbers.
E-mail: / Tlf: +45 33 60 74 90

I have enough administration in my everyday life – a webshop would be a hassle.

We make sure you do not have to waste time and energy managing anything. Maintainence, shipping, handling, warehouse, campaigns, customer service and so on - we take care of it all for you.

The only thing you have to focus on is advising your costumers and refering them to your new website/shop. For that aspect, we can help you with designing and producing material to market your new shop, as well as marketing it online, e.g. on social medi. These services are naturally included in your subscription.

I don’t understand why my costumers should choose to buy online at my webshop?

Surveys show that 86% of the population prefers to shop at their own hairdresser as long as they have a webshop where the prices match the rest of the market.

Your customers trust you as their hairdresser and you have created a trust in your customers that makes them feel safe buying from you. You already created a personal relation to many of your clients and they want to shop their beauty products from you too.

How can i put my integrity on the line for the products I/you have on the webshop?

We understand your hesitation, but do not worry. You can safely count on us to do a throughout job in chosing products and brads. We have a close collaboration with our suppliers and we make ongoing quality checks of the products to make sure that the quality is as high as possible.

We have chosen our assortment based on the industry's demand, which makes it possible to offer the most sought after and popular top brands existing on the market.

We have several years of experience in the industry and have intimate knowledge of what is happening in it. Likewise, we have experience controlling and making sure that we have products only of the highest quality.

What will happen to the products in my salon?

At Brandshop it is in our interest to not affect or interfere in your on site product sale. You can still choose freely which products you will display and sell in your salon.

I’ve given out all my voucher cards, do i have to pay to have new ones sent to me?

No – it is of course a part of your subscription. We will send you new voucher cards free of charge. Remember that during the first 3 months you can exclusively offer an introduction discount to your costumers, during that time you can have all the discount cards you need.

Do I have to buy my products and send them on my own?

No, we handle all purchasing and as a member of Brandshop we make sure to send the products to your customers. You don’t have to worry about customer service online – we take care of that for you.

Can I choose which brands I have on my webshop?

Yes, you can. The brands you don’t want to represent we make sure won’t be on your webshop.