"Danish e-trading concept with a fresh take.

We want to further the online trade of beauty products for the smaller shops and salons who cannot do so idenpendently and thus accommodate the service industry with products at competitive prices.”

Brandshop is a part of a successful wholesale and distribution company, who operates on the European beauty market. That gives Brandshop the purchase power to have competitive prices on most of the attractive beauty brands. Therefore Brandshop can help you win your product sale back to your salon by being a part of the online trade as a part of a community.

In addition, Brandshop accomodates the wishes of the service industry by offering beauty products at competitive prices.

When you buy your beauty products online, you need to choose to buy them at brandshop.dk to support the local and physical shops and clinics. You can additionally support your hairdresser or clinic directly if they are a part of brandshop.dk



We will change how the hair and beauty salons sell products to their customers.

Creating value for hair and beauty salons with excellent systems, innovation and market knowledge.

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