reclaiming your sales, ONLINE.

We want to revolutionize the way you sell products.

Your customers should view your salon as the place making their hair fabulous and where the advice is top tier, but the customer experience does not have to end when the customers exits your shop. With competitive prices on equal footing with other online stores, on Brandshop's platform the customers will always be able to find your quality products.

This way you both prolong the customer experience and add an extra dimension to your product sales.

We have handpicked quality brands,
at prices matching the big online stores. 

Brandshop saves you the hassle of choosing between the thousands of hair products that exists on the market.
On your behalf, we have handpicked quality products from an extensive number of brands, which you with good conscience can recommend to your costumers.

We take care of everything from shipping to customer service.

You don’t need to worry about packages, warehouses or customer service –  Brandshop does that for you. Our solution is ready from day one. We are in charge of everything, from the customer's fist click until they shampoo their hair, bringing you that much closer to your customer .

Earn money with the salon lights off.

Your webshop is open and makes money 24/7. We have a immense respect for your professionalism as a hairdresser. You're the one who knows what your customers need. At Brandshop, we have extensive knowledge on online product sales and we would like to meet you in the middle, where our skills can come together for the benefit of the customers.

We are doing this together, but you set the pace.

Your level of ambition decides how much you will earn on your webshop. You inform your customers about your new webshop, so they can enjoy the new service and it can sell products for you. In return, we promise to do the rest of the work, so you can concentrate on your physical customers.


More than 80% of the salons are expecting their in store turnover to be even lower in 3 years.

Online beauty product sales increases with 17% a year.

86% of customers say they prefer buying products at their own hairdresser, as long as the prices are competitive with those online.

More than 50% of the population buy beauty products at least once a month.

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